Published on September 16, 2005 By Janders In Dogs
Last night I went out for a little bit. George hates his kennel and he was asleep on our bed, so I shut our bedroom door to keep him from chasing the cats while I was away.

When I came home it was a disaster. He somehow managed to LOCK the bedroom door. The door has a strong turn lock, not a push button. The key for the door was in a drawer in the bathroom INSIDE our room. So we tried to pick the lock to no avail, Jay had to take apart the knob, and strip the lock. Okay beig deal, we need a new lock and knob...

Then we opened the door.....

The damn dog ripped up the carpet.
Yes the new carpet. We just built our house a few months ago so everything is brand new. I am so mad.

Someone is coming Tuesday to give us an estimate.

My next article could be... Free Evil puppy!

on Sep 19, 2005
Even though he currently hates his kennel, that is why they exist.  You need to be diligent with crate training until they understand it.  I have four dogs and have never had to replace carpet due to them shredding it when I was away because they always get put in their crate when I am not home or when I couldn't watch what they were doing when they were puppies.  Crates work great, but you have to use them
on Sep 20, 2005
Well that was the first time he ever got left out and the ONLY time!

They replaced the carpet today, luckily it only cost 85 bucks. But now we learned our lesson!
on Nov 30, 2011

Sometimes the lingering odor of previous pets can cause animals to do this. I would suggest having all of your carpets professionally cleaned. There are plenty of NYC carpet cleaners in your area to choose from. Even if you haven't had pets before, previous owners might have.