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August 2, 2006 by Janders
Yesterday we had a horrid incident. Our 4-year cat went nuts and started attacking my cousin. He bit her hand and scratched her arm.

He also tried to attack my husband and me... chased us biting and growling....

We locked him up by himself for a night under a vets orders. Today he was back to his cuddley sweet self.

We brought him to the vet, spent $200 on blood tests so they can rule out a thyroid or other organic cause. They said it could have been a seizure, and that it would require...
July 28, 2006 by Janders
Jayna has really discovered herself, and all the things she can do. She is overtaken the furniture, climbs up to the top of the couch, on top og the coffe table, up her larger toys... If its high she scales it....

She is obsessed with climbing, before I was obsessed with keeping her DOWN... but it seems like a lost cause and I may need to re-focus on teaching her to get down safely....

Let toddler-hood begin..........
July 15, 2006 by Janders
Jayna has found her voice.... literally!

This week her new favorite thing is to SCREAM.... she screams when she is happy and excited, when she doesn't get her way, and especially when she pushes her doll stroller into the corner and can't get it out...

Mama's going to need more advil!
July 11, 2006 by Janders
I can't believe it my sweet baby is ONE today!

The last year has gone so fast, it is very bittersweet.

She is so big! Climbing on everything, and getting into even more, she is quite the busy body. She is standing up by herself, and seems like she will take a step any day now.

She loves to play with her baby dolls, crawl into small spaces and LOVES to empty out the cupboards.
May 8, 2006 by Janders
My daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES our kitties. Strangely enough they think shes pretty swell also! Little cat Jefferson will snuggle right up to her well she pats him and pulls his whiskers.... He also will rub up against her and run just far away to be out of reach so she has to creep over and "chase" him. At least they all entertain eachother.

Whoa a Truman Cat!!!

Petting and Patting Jefferson

The sheer Joy of chasing a cat tail...
May 7, 2006 by Janders
Well I have had a few people complain that I never update my blog..... So I guess I will start again! I guess I thought nobody really read it anyway....
March 10, 2006 by Janders
Today Jayna and I got a package from our friend Lori who lives in UAE.

Oh What can it be? Frosted Flakes UAE style? hmmmm

Oh good NOT frosted flakes! A bunch of pretties for Jayna and me!

Dresses for Me:

They are really pretty with embroidery and sparklies!

Two Pretty scarves!

Two cute outfits for baby Jayna,
A little dress

And a tunic pants suit in yummy fabric! Super soft and embrodiered!

A Arab "outerwear" Barbie outfit for my daughter, How cool is that? I ...
March 9, 2006 by Janders
Tonight was my moms birthday. We celebrated at my parents house with some stir fry and gluten-free chocolate cake!

My beautiful Mom

Three Generations (don't mind baby and I with our colds)

Jayna enjoys Grandma Jills Special day!

The rest of the family (My Dad, My brothers TJ and Aaron, Aarons girlfriend Susan and my sister Monica)
March 1, 2006 by Janders
I have been having a really hard last week or so..... I came home Monday to see a package on my doorstep. Inside was a designer diaper bag from my TBW friends.

Dang............... The billy bag is one fancy bag. They sent it as a pick-me-up. COuld I have any nicer friends?
February 19, 2006 by Janders

I read the above article this morning in SHOCK. I have celiac disease that requires I stick to a strict gluten free diet. McDonalds has been representing their fries as gluten free for years.
I probably eat their fries 3 times a week. I am so upset as I am finding today they contain gluten! This after double checking several times a year that the fries were gluten free.

I have been having trouble keeping on weight. When I eat gluten it causes damage to my samll intestine, which resu...
February 18, 2006 by Janders
In honor of the coldest day of Jayna's life. (15 degrees below 0) We bought her an igloo from Ikea!
She loves playing in her little "snow fort".

Grandma Jill pops in to play~
February 18, 2006 by Janders
Jayna has been waking up with a dry diaper a lot lately. I have read a bit about ec-ing (mostly because I thought it was a joke) and thought she would maybe like to be diaper free somtimes. So last week when she woke up dry I would stick a big cloth pre-fold under her and let her pee. That seemedto work pretty well! (But still left me with more diapers to wash)

We were at target and they had little tiny infant potty chairs, so I picked one up. We brought it home, and let her sit on it, di...
February 11, 2006 by Janders

Click the above link to see my cutie pie!

Jayna is now 7 months old! I can't believe it! She is so busy and cutting her first tooth. She loves to dance, and LOVES music. She gets cuter by the day!
She is still nursing, but is starting to have some other favorite foods. She really like peas and potatoes and the occasional arrowroot animal cookie.
She zooms around the room by scooting and barrel- rolling, She is s...
February 8, 2006 by Janders
Yesterday Little Jayna had a milestone. One that was certianly noticed, and yet there is no spot in the baby book to record such a feat!

She had her first solid poo. A little formed turd right in her diaper.

Is it weird that I felt the urge to record such a moment? I restrained myself from photographing the event... and instead sent it on its way to swim the mighty sewers.....

Ahhh, My little baby is growing up...
January 26, 2006 by Janders
Jayna had her half year check up this week. She is 28 inches long and in the 97th percentile for height. She has gained 9 pounds in the last 6 months!

She is growing so fast (to fast if you ask me!) She is sitting up now, loves to eat puffed brown rice, sweet potatoes and mama milk. She drinks from a cup quite well. She can zoom across the room by barrell-rolling. It is funny to watch.

Her new thing this week is shaking her head no. She thinks its hilarious, and we have to agree!