Published on October 29, 2005 By Janders In Dogs
I don't even know how our dog George even got a hold of some of this stuff but he has a major chewing issue and I am at the end of my rope with him. Any Advice on stopping chewing would be sooo appreciated.

Todays list of destroyed Items: (in no particular order)

* One baby sock
*One pair of underwear
*Two socks
*One paper plate
*One bottle nipple
*A box of tissues
*2 breast pads
*a baby block
*one basket
*his food dish
*a hat
*One juice box, which at one time was full now it is all over the carpet.
*One baby sandle
*One pacifier
*The side rails on our bed frame

UGH!! And the night isn't over. I put him in his crate for now, but this problem needs to stop NOW! I am at my wits end with him. If he is not right next to you he is off destroying somthing. ANY advice??

on Oct 29, 2005
This will help. Link

on Oct 29, 2005
It could be worse, you could be writing an article that says, Help!!! Things my cat pissed on today. That's the smell that keeps on giving.

I used to have dogs, but not for some time. It was just too hard moving around all the time in the Army, and finding a place that would let you keep them.
on Oct 29, 2005
Spc Nobody Special~ You save the day!

Thanks for the link, It had great advice to show me what I was doing wrong! I will be trying the suggestions starting NOW!
on Oct 31, 2005
Obedience classes would have not stopped the chewing. It may socialize him and teach him commands but it doesn't stop puppy behavior of chewing.

Actually the article Spc. linked was wonderful. We have taken the suggestions and have not had a chew problem since.